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If you have questions on how to use PeopleSoft or Budget Report questions please see:

Lynn Ray Boren
Assistant Athletic Director
Phone: 202.250.2461

PeopleSoft Use

Coach is expected to access Gallaudet PeopleSoft to monitor his/her players’ academics progress.

  • Access to Starfish
  • Access to Query in order to receive different athletic information via MS Excel
  • Access to Checklist on prospective player
  • Access to Enrollment Summary
  • Access to Student-athlete’s academics

Assistant Athletic Director on PeopleSoft Use is responsible to share information with all coaches

  • Process on Submit roster
  • Process on Early registration
  • Process on New Additional Bison Tracking Form
  • Process on "Red Flag" in PeopleSoft (12 credits)
  • Process on Dead Bison Form (Cut/Leave/Quit)
  • Process on Putting Student-Athlete on Block in his/her student account
  • Update on Semester GPA Report (December/May: one week after the last day of final exam date)

S:Drive Budget Report

Coach is expected to monitor the budget report in S:Drive weekly.

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