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Equipment & Facilities

Gallaudet's athletics department has improved its facilities and equipment to benefit the student-athletes and the overall athletic program and it is your role, as a head coach, to make sure your program treats your locker room, equipment and facility/field with respect. Below are important guidelines you and your coaching staff, managers and student-athletes must adhere to. If you have questions please contact:

Kris Gould
Facility & Equipment Coordinator
Phone: 202.423.0306

Equipment Policy

1. Inventory
Immediately following each sports season, the Facility & Equipment Coordinator and the coach will take inventory of all uniforms, practice gear, supplies, and general equipment pertinent to their sport. A list will then be compiled of all equipment and supplies needed for the next season and give the list to the Facility & Equipment Coordinator. The Facility & Equipment Coordinator will meet with each coach to discuss equipment needs.

2. Purchasing Procedures

  • The head coach will meet with the Facility & Equipment Coordinator to determine program needs for the following season prior to the deadlines listed below:
    • Fall Sports – February 1st
    • Winter Sports – June 1st
    • Spring Sports – September 1st
  • Within one week of a coach’s meeting with the Facility & Equipment Coordinator, the coach will submit the proposed purchase requests to the Facility & Equipment Coordinator and discuss proposal. This request will include proposed vendors and cost per item. Coaches are not to make purchases without prior approval for reimbursement. Equipment needs are to be approved by the athletics director and through the proper channels within the Athletics Department.
  • The Athletics Director will forward the approval purchase request to the Purchasing Department of the University and will provide the appropriate coach and the Facility & Equipment Coordinator a copy of the final approved request.
  • All requests for the repair of equipment should be submitted in writing to the Facility & Equipment Coordinator with the date the equipment is needed. The Facility & Equipment Coordinator will make arrangements to have the equipment repaired.
3. Equipment Distribution
  • Only student-athletes cleared, both medically and academically, may have equipment issued to them by the Facility & Equipment Coordinator.
  • The student-athlete is responsible for all equipment issued to him or her. If uniforms, practice gear, shoes, etc., are lost or stolen, the athlete must pay for replacement of the equipment at established catalog prices. All equipment that has been issued, regardless of condition, must be returned within three (3) days of the end of the season.
  • Student-athletes who lost or do not return equipment will be blocked from registration and/or graduation. Other measures may be taken to ensure the return of University property.
  • It is the coach’s responsibility to make sure equipment is picked up and returned to the proper storage areas from practices and contests. In addition, coaches must follow through with his/her team to assure all student-athlete's uniform, travel bags, warm-ups and other related items are returned.

Please note the following: No student-athletes are permitted to be in the equipment room


1. Maintenance
Please notify the Facility & Equipment Coordinator in writing of any problems with your locker room/facility/field so that they can notify the Physical Plant Department of the problem. The equipment manager will follow up on the request to the Physical Plant until the problem is resolved.

2. Scheduling

  • With time at a premium, it is suggested that once a team is selected, the athletes should be given a calendar of practices and games for the entire season. Although there may be changes from time to time, the calendar enables students to organize their own time. A copy of the schedule should be given to the Athletic Director and Facility & Equipment Coordinator, Athletic Training Staff and Sports Information Director (SID) one month prior.
  • When different teams share the same facility, the coaches involved and the Facility & Equipment Coordinator will determine fair and equitable usage. Facilities are generally used for athletics from 4 to 10 p.m.
  • Please keep in mind the educational needs of your student-athletes when planning your practice sessions and game schedules.
  • During semester breaks and holidays, scheduling of practice should be done after consulting with the facility coordinator for available times. Please notify the Athletics Department of any changes once the schedule has been posted.
    • For the fall and winter seasons, we will need a month-to-month practice schedules and they are to be submitted to the Assistant Athletics Director, Athletic Trainers, and Facility & Equipment Coordinator. It is imperative to follow the times when you are scheduled to practice. Please note that off-season teams will use the facilities for practices as well. This is to help with other programs, such as the Intramurals programs and outside groups who will/may rent our facilities.
    • During the spring season, we will do week-by-week basis due to the unforeseeable weather pattern. We will accommodate your needs as much as we can to get all the times you need to prepare for your teams. Again, this is for our Facility & Equipment Coordinatorand the Athletic Training staff to know on a weekly basis.

3. Home Event Setup

  • The Facility & Equipment Coordinator and team managers are responsible for the setup and organization of the facility for all home athletics events, but coaches should be aware of any events taking place in the case of an emergency or conflict.
  • Practice will terminate in the Athletic Facility a minimum of two hours prior to the start of a scheduled athletics contest.
  • The preparation of the Athletic Facility for competition will be completed no later than one hour prior to the scheduled game time.
  • If there is no scheduled practice in the Athletic Facility prior to the start of a home contest, the Athletic Facility will be ready for competition two hours prior to the start of an event.
  • Please put all of your equipment back in its original spot so we can keep our gymnasium clean and ready for the next teams, organization, or outside group that use the fields or gymnasium.

4. Student-Athlete Locker Rooms

  1. NO FOOD/BEVERAGES (except water bottles)
  2. Any damage - your team will be responsible for the cost of repair works
  3. Keep lockers and locker room clean at all times
  4. Individual lockers. ALL CLOTHES are to be hung on hooks. No clothes in shoe box or on top of locker seats
  5. Nothing on bench. If you leave stuff on bench and then try to open shoe box, you will break the hinges on the back of the shoe lid.

Coaches and Staff Locker Room

  • Only head coaches and full-time staff will have access to Faculty/Coaches locker rooms.  Part-time, assistant coaches will have lockers in the visitors locker room. Please see Facility & Equipment Coordinator for locker assignments
  • Game days - student managers or assistant coaches are responsible to lead officials to the Men's or Women's Faculty/Coaches locker rooms.

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