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Sports Information

What is the role of the Sports Information Director (SID)?
Serves as the media and public relations coordinator for all varsity athletic sports and the department. Oversees the athletics website and all athletic social media outlets. Writes stories, keeps statistics for all varsity teams. Works with local and national media to promote and market Bison athletics. Keeps historical information on all programs and coordinates video and photography of all teams, coaches, staff and student-athletes.

Contact Information:
Sam Atkinson
Assistant Athletic Director for Communications
Gallaudet University
800 Florida Ave., NE
Washington, DC 20002
Work: 202.448.7081
Cell: 202.423.0642

Awards: Head coaches are asked to alert the SID about an outstanding performance(s) by a student-athlete, if warranted, so the SID can nominate that student-athlete for the conference player of the week award or national honors. The head coach is also responsible to work with the SID in the nomination and voting process for all-conference awards.

Communication: Coaches will keep the SID up-to-date on all game changes to your schedule (cancelations, postponements, game time changes, addition or substraction of a game). Plus, any roster or coaching staff changes throughout the season. Coaches will keep the SID posted about the significant achievements (athletic and academic) of their athletes and teams. This includes making the SID aware of items worthy of human-interest stories.

Rosters: Head coaches must submit an official roster to the Sports Information Director, at least, several days before the first game of the season. A week plus is preferred. The roster MUST have: Name (first and last name), athletic year (Fr., So., Jr., Sr.), Height, Weight (men's sports only), Position/Event, Hometown (City and State) and High School. Head coaches are responsible to review the online roster during the season and alert the SID office of any changes.

Social Media: The Sports Information Office maintains and operates the main @GallaudetBison accounts for various social media platforms. Teams are not allowed to create and use their own social media accounts that are public. A closed group can be made for Facebook for example. Head coaches are encouraged to have their own Twitter account for recruiting purposes and to promote their program. Coaches are encouraged to request the SID to present to their teams, during the season, on how to properly use social media while a member of their athletic team. The Sports Information Office does its best to monitor social media accounts associated with our athletic teams. Any questionable posts will be brought to the head coaches' attention and the student-athlete will be notified. Coaches, staff and student-athletes need to remember they represent the University and athletic teams when using social media.

Statistics: Coaches need to report any statistical errors within 24 hours after completion of a game. Only wrong stats can be changed (a person was awarded points but never dressed for the game, goal credited to the wrong player, etc.). Judgment calls (assists, steals, tackles, saves, errors, etc.) are left up to the official scoring the home game.

  • Coaches are responsible for making sure statistics are kept at all home games, some away games (i.e. if a school does not have a SID), unless otherwise specified by the SID.
  • Coaches will report results and statistics to the SID immediately following the conclusion of games, both home and away, if the SID was not present for that game(s)/contest.

Team Pictures: A date and time will be setup in advance that can work for the head coach, SID and the athletic department photographer. If a team cancels on the team picture there will be a $100 fine and if you cancel under 24 hours before the date and time a $200 fine will be leveed. If you need to make your team photo you are under the discretion of the SID and the team photographer’s schedules. If you request a second team photo during the season there will be a $150 sitting fee. All student-athletes, coaches and managers are expected to be present for the team photo and individual headshots for your team photo day.

Team Web page: It is the coaches responsibility to contact the SID if any information is wrong or needs to be edited or added. The head coach should review their team's roster, schedule and stats on a frequent basis in-season in case changes need to be made. Also, any information that may be wrong in a story about your team should be brought to the SID's attention.

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