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Strength & Conditioning

The strength and conditioning department's primary responsibility is to provide service to all student-athletes at Gallaudet University. The department's mission statement aims to deliver appropriate training programs to each student-athlete in all Gallaudet University’s 14 NCAA Division III intercollegiate sports and cheerleading club.

Contact Information:
Stephon Healey
Strength and Conditioning Coordinator
Cell: 202.400.5877

The department aims to provide:

  • Injury Prevention: Exercise regimens are designed to reduce the risk of injury in any given sport.
  • Performance Enhancement: Programs are designed to enhance a student-athlete’s ability to perform
  • In-Season Conditioning: Student-athletes will be expected to participate in scheduled in-season workouts according to their respective head coach’s requests. Coaches are responsible for requesting and scheduling workout times with the Strength and Conditioning Department. Requests should be made in advance of the respective season/semester.  Teams and individuals are expected to be punctual. Workouts that are not deemed to be a productive use of their respective scheduled time slot will be cancelled. Any cancellation of a scheduled workout should be made 24 hours in advance.
  • Off-Season Conditioning: Off-season conditioning is performed on a voluntary basis.  Each student-athlete can request a year-round conditioning program. The strength and conditioning coaches will be available to assist the student-athletes. Coaches cannot spectate the workouts or request information on the student-athletes' in their program (as per NCAA rules).

  • Reserving Scheduled Strength & Conditioning Time: All Strength & Conditioning requests should be made in advance. It is the respective coach’s responsibility to communicate with the strength staff via email. When requesting a service, please provide the following information: Dates (day in recurring), number of athletes, three requested times (there are no guarantees of availability) and service required.


  • Student-athletes are expected to adhere to the facilities rules
  • A valid Gallaudet University Identification cards are required for student-athletes to access the facility
  • Appropriate clothing and footwear should be worn at all times
  • Student-athletes using the facility will be expected to respect the staff and their instruction at all times
  • Student-athletes are expected to use the equipment appropriately and according to the instructions provided by the staff
  • Failure to adhere to any of the above rules will results in a student-athlete being asked to leave the facility. The student-athlete will not be readmitted without a review by the staff and coaches.

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