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Gallaudet University Hall of Fame

GU Athletics Hall of Fame logo The Gallaudet University Athletics Hall of Fame was established in 1986. The Hall of Fame was designed to formally recognize outstanding individuals who have made exceptional contributions as a student-athlete, coach or as an honorary member (manager, media member, booster, game official, etc.) with the Bison that brought the program recognition, honor and distinction to the University and its intercollegiate athletics program. The GU Athletics Hall of Fame is a way to preserve the rich-heritage and tradition of the University's intercollegiate athletics program. The new Gallaudet University Athletics Hall of Fame display is located in the Field House.

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Gallaudet University Athletics Hall of Fame

Name Sport Year
Paul Hubbard Football E-1896
Roy J. Stewart Supporter 1899
George Andree Football 1902
Lester Rosson Baseball E-1902
Frederick Hughes Football Coach 1913
Edward Foltz Football 1915
Walter Rockwell All Sports 1916
Arthur Rasmussen Baseball 1917
Frederick Moore Football 1917
Charles Marshall Football 1917
Scott Cuscaden Football E-1917
Dewey Deer Football E-1922
Ernest Langenberg Baseball & Football
Nathan Zimble Wrestling 1924
Albert Rose All Sports 1927
Rolf Harmsen Track & Field E-1927
Lou Byouk  Basketball & Football
Konrad Hokanson All Sports 1931
R. Delmar Cosgrove Basketball 1931
Louis Dyer Baseball, Basketball, Football E-1931
Bilbo Monaghan All Sports 1932
Rae Martino DeRose Basketball 1932
Marie Coretti Basketball 1932
John Ringle Football 1933
Art Kruger Manager 1933
John Wurdemann Baseball & Football E-1933
Joseph Burnett Track & Field 1937
Race Drake Football 1938
William Rogers Wrestling 1940
Leonard Warshasky Manager 1942
William E. Stevens Track 1942
Joseph Stotts Wrestling 1942
Harold "Iron Man" Weingold Basketball 1943
Earl "Iron Man" Roberts Basketball 1943
Eric "The Malz" Malzkuhn Manager & Writer 1943
Francis Huffman Cross Country 1943
Paul "Iron Man" Baldridge Basketball 1944
Thomas Berg Track & Field Coach 1944
Donald "Iron Man" Padden Basketball 1945
Marvin Marshall Boxing 1947
Roy "Iron Man" Holcomb Basketball 1947
Ruth Taubert Seeger Track & Tennis 1949
Dr. Frank Turk Football & Wrestling 1952
Clyde Ketchum Wrestling 1952
Thompson Clayton Wrestling Coach 1952
Donald Bullock Wrestling 1952
William D. Swaim Wrestling 1953
David Carlson Wrestling 1954
Richard Caswell Basketball & Football
Franklin Willis Football & Wrestling 1956
John Jacobs Football & Wrestling 1957
Stephan Kugel Cross Country, Track & Field 1957
John Edwin Smith Track & Field 1959
William T. Sugiyama Wrestling 1959  
Paul Adams Track & Field 1961
Pierre Sevigny Wrestling 1961  
Shirley Roop Werner Field Hockey 1961
James MacFadden Football, Track & Field 1962
Nancy Mahoney Rowley Swimming 1962
Dennis Wernimont Basketball, Track & Field E-1962
Camille Desmarais Wrestling 1963
Robert Corbett Track & Field 1963
Albert Van Nevel Basketball & Soccer 1964
Judith Westfall Meador All Sports 1964
Bernie Fairwood Football & Wrestling 1965
James Eckber Manager 1965
Janice Logan  All Sports 1966
Albert Couthen Football, Track & Field 1966
Barry M. Strassler Writer 1966  
Bill Ramborger Football, Track & Field 1967
Kevin Milligan Basketball & Soccer 1967
John Kaleta Baseball, Basketball & Football
Glenn Anderson Basketball, Track & Field 1968
Stephen Baldwin Cross Country, Track & Field 1968
Leslie Anderson Soccer 1971
Nancy Tomar Westenberger All Women sports 1972
Kathy Sallade Barclift Swimming 1972
Jo-Anne Robinson Swimming 1972
Harold Foster Track & Field 1972
Ken Pedersen Track & Field 1972
George Taylor Soccer 1973
Lory Kuschmider Baseball 1973
Donalda Ammons All-Around Athlete 1974
Ernest "Ernie" Epps Basketball 1975
Albert A. Walla Men's Swimming 1975  
Linda McLaughlin Basketball, Tennis, Volleyball 1976
Robert Jackson Men's Volleyball 1978
Lawson Pair Baseball 1978
Louise Hudson Fitzpatrick Cross Country & Track
Lynn Ballard Weiner Swimming 1979
Linda Tucker Murashige Volleyball 1979
Camilla Sue Lange All Sports 1979
Robbie Carmichael Field Hockey and Tennis 1979
Jeffrey "Killer" Spielberger Manager 1980
Luanne Barron Volleyball 1983
Marty Minter Men's Soccer Coach 1983  
Nancy Mumme Volleyball 1983
Robert Westermann Football Coach 1988  
Betsy Bachtel  Track & Field, Cross Country 1989
Charles L. Hammack Wrestling 1991
Richard A. Jacobs All Sports 1991
David Stewart Hamilton Men's Basketball 1992  
Vincent Todd Silvestri Football 1992
Shannon D. Simon Football 1992
Brian A. Bippus Men's Basketball 1993  
Michelle Poole Women's Swimming 1993
James Alan Segala Football 1993  
Darin Scott Clauson Baseball 1995  
Karen Alana Gilbert Women's Volleyball E-1995  
Michael C. Kent Men's Basketball E-1997  
William "Anthony" Jones Basketball 1999
Darnell Woods Football 2000
Peg Worthington Women's Volleyball Coach 2000
Touria Ouahid Boren Women's Basketball 2001
Ronda Jo Miller  Women's Basketball 2001
Marty Willigan Wrestling Coach 2004
Stephanie L. Danner Women's Swimming 2005  
Alexander "Sandy" Ewan Supporter 2005
Kathryn A. Baldridge Women's Basketball Coach 2006  


E = Did not graduate from Gallaudet. The year listed is their slated class year or last year coaching.