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Athletic conference room named in honor of Arthur "Art" Kruger

Athletic conference room named in honor of Arthur "Art" Kruger

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The naming process for the previously unnamed conference room in Gallaudet University’s Field House was recently completed, and the site has officially been dubbed the Arthur "Art" Kruger Conference Room in honor of the late Arthur "Art" Kruger, '33. A ceremony took place during Homecoming 2012 as President T. Alan Hurwitz and Athletic Director Michael Weinstock announced this exciting news.

Kruger was nominated due to his immense contributions in the deaf sports world both nationally and internationally. He co-founded the American Athletic Association of the Deaf in 1945 and was colloquially known as the “Father of AAAD”. Kruger also brought many teams to the World Games for the Deaf (Deaflympics), including the very first team in 1957. He was a well-known sports writer and led the selection of All American High School athletes and teams of the year for several years.

As a student at Gallaudet, Kruger was a manager of multiple teams across different sports. In his era, athletic departments did not exist. Therefore, the manager was responsible for fundraising, scheduling, personnel decisions, travel arrangements, and overseeing equipment – much different than today! Kruger passed away in 1992 and was posthumously inducted into Gallaudet University’s Hall of Fame three years later. He also received numerous awards and an honorary doctorate from Hofstra University.

The Arthur “Art” Kruger Conference Room was the original home of Gallaudet’s Hall of Fame.

Arthur “Art” Kruger Conference Room

The new conference room in the Field House

The view from the left side of the conference room

A view from the right side of the conference room