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Student-Athlete Handbook: Athletic Policy

Revised: May 2018

Multi-Sport Athletes

The Athletics Department supports the participation by student-athletes in multiple sports. The interests, abilities and desires of student-athletes relative to this issue must be considered a priority in all decision making.

Coaching staff members must allow, and  encourage both prospective and enrolled student-athletes to participate in multiple sports if they have the ability and desire. No prospective or enrolled student-athlete should be coerced, pressured, penalized, threatened, or discouraged in any way by a coach relative to their desire to participate in more than one sport.

Prospective student-athletes should be informed by each coach of the possible ramification of participating in more than one sport relative to practice and competition seasons and academic demands with the guiding principle remaining, that it is both encouraged and possible to do so.

Participation in non-traditional season competition or off-season conditioning shall never be a condition of participation for the multi-sport athlete who has regular season commitments at that time. This should be clearly articulated in the required participation plan.

The Athletics Department reserves the right to limit participation in multiple sports based on academic performance. Any concerns should be presented to the Athletic Director.

In-Season Departure Policy

A student-athlete participating in a varsity program shall not quit or dismiss his/her current sport/team and immediately participate with another sport/team. The student-athlete becomes eligible to participate for the second sport when the playing season has concluded for the first. Example: football season concludes Nov. 15 and men’s basketball begins on Oct. 15. Therefore, this player will not participate with the men’s basketball team until Nov. 16.

After the first contest, a varsity student-athlete shall not be able to leave and join another team in the same season. i.e., the player cannot quit women’s basketball to participate in women’s swimming (winter season).

NOTE: If you are dismissed (academic issues, cut, violations, breaking University policies, legal issues, codes, etc.) or quit the team, you are required clean out your locker and pay the costs of the uniforms, apparel, or equipment if you don’t return within 24 hours you will pay a $25 late fee. Otherwise, the requested materials not returned will be billed to your student account. 

Equipment Distribution

  • Only student-athletes cleared both medically and academically to participate may have equipment issued to them by the equipment manager.
  • Only those athletes whose name appears on an official roster will receive uniforms.
  • The equipment manager will keep accurate records of equipment distribution. It is student-athlete’s responsibility to return all equipment, as it was when they were issued at the beginning of their season.
  • The student-athlete is responsible for all equipment issued to him/her. If uniforms, practice gear, equipment, etc. are lost or stolen, the athlete  must pay for the replacement of the equipment and/or uniform.
  • If a student-athlete quits or is removed from the team, he/she is  expected to pay for the replacement of the equipment and/or uniform, if not returned (see in-season departure policy).
  • Student-athletes who lose or do not return equipment will be charged to their student account at the accounting office.

After Season Final: Return Policy

All athletic department uniforms and equipment are due back into the equipment room within three (3) days after the final competition date of your respective sport. Any student-athlete not complying with this policy will be charged the original purchase price. If you return the uniforms after three (3) days, you will pay a $25.00 late fee.


Lockers will be assigned for each season. After each season the athletes must vacate their lockers within three (3) business days:

  • Any locker that is not vacated will be opened and items will be thrown out immediately.

Alcohol Policy

Drug Policy

Transgender Policy


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