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Student-Athlete Handbook: Health and Wellness

Revised: May 2018

Our athletic department emphasizes the educational welfare of its student-athletes by promoting health and wellness knowledge for their respective athletic programs and personal well-being. With the collaboration between the athletic department and health and wellness programs, we aim to bestow a healthy lifestyle.

Do You Have Additional Questions About Health and Wellness That You Would Like Answered?
Email us at [email protected], stop by and visit us in Ely Center 103, call us at 202-651-5144 or fax us at 202-651-5651 or visit us on Facebook.

Should you choose to connect with the Health and Wellness Liaison, Coach Stephanie Stevens, please email her at [email protected] to schedule an appointment.

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Student-Athlete Mental Wellness Resources

Alcohol and Tobacco

The use of alcohol and tobacco products is strictly prohibited by Gallaudet University student-athletes and staff while representing Gallaudet University during all home and away contests. This covers all travel, including sessions (i.e. training camp, spring break, winter break, summer training), and to members of the team 21 years of age and older. Violations of this policy will result in disciplinary action by the Athletic Department and the University Office of Student Conduct.

  • NCAA Banned Drugs List (PDF)
  • Alcohol & Athletic Performance Pamphlet – NCAA  (PDF)
  • Alcohol Athletic Performance – NCAA  (PDF)

Alcohol Policy

Drug Policy

Sexual Misconduct/Assault

Gallaudet Athletics strongly encourages anyone who has been victimized of any sexual violence to file a police report for their own protection and that of the entire campus community. If the violence has been notified through a third party or thereby told to an athletic representative, there are additional options available for an official report:

  • When a student-athlete shares that they were the victim of sexual assault, an athletics coach or staff member must report to The Director of Health & Wellness Programs, Christine Gannon, at [email protected] The Director of Health & Wellness Programs serves as the central source of sexual misconduct information and referral for all students, and coordinates interdepartmental support for staff and faculty who respond to the student-athlete’s concerns.

  • Health & Wellness Programs develop and conduct prevention/risk reduction workshops for all incoming and current students and prepares and disseminates educational pamphlets, fact sheets, and articles concerning sexual misconduct.

Health & Wellness Programs, Ely Center 103
Director of Health and Wellness Programs: Christine Gannon
Voice (202) 651-5432
[email protected]

Office of Student Conduct, Ely Center 103
Title IX Investigator: Amy Rousseau
VP: 202-759-5598
[email protected]

Sexual Violence Prevention Policy

In the Fall of 2017, the NCAA adopted a new sexual violence policy mandating all student-athletes, coaches, athletics staff and administrators to complete annual preventative sexual violence attestations.  Immediately, Gallaudet Athletics appropriated this new requirement and as of May 15, 2018, declared compliance knowing that:

  • The athletics department is fully knowledgeable about, integrated in, and compliant with institutional policies and processes regarding sexual violence prevention and proper adjudication and resolution of acts of sexual violence;

  • The institutional policies and processes regarding sexual violence prevention and adjudication, and the name and contact information for the campus Title IX coordinator, are readily available within the athletics department, and are provided to student-athletes; and

  • All student-athletes, coaches and staff have been educated on sexual violence prevention, intervention and response, to the extent allowable by state law and collective bargaining agreements.

Henceforth, this new policy requires the following three leaders on each NCAA campus – school president or chancellor, athletics director and Title IX coordinator – to ensure completion of the provisions by May of the current academic year.

Gallaudet University and Gallaudet Athletics have chosen to partner with EverFi in providing an online course that specifically addresses sexual violence prevention, among other resources. Each student-athlete, coach, athletic staff, and administrator within the athletic department must complete the online course prior to the designated date determined by the Athletic Director.

It is the head coach’s responsibility to ensure all student-athletes, assistants, and other support staff within their respective programs complete the first part of the Everfi Sexual Assault Prevention course before the first day of tryouts/practice. Those who miss the deadline are subject to disciplinary action at the discretion of the Athletic Director. 


Gallaudet Athletics believes in and is committed to diversity, inclusion, and gender equity among its student-athletes, coaches, support staff, and administrators. We desire to manifest and continue an inclusive culture that fosters an equitable learning environment for all student-athletes and its surrounding communities. The university’s Office for Diversity and Inclusion continues to provide educational programming through a resonant foundation built across dimensions of diversity including, but not limited to: age, race, gender expression, class, national origin, creed, educational background, disability, athletic ability, sexual orientation, and work experiences.

Stephanie Stevens, Head Women's Basketball Coach/Health and Wellness Liaison/Assistant Strength & Conditioning Development Coach
Gallaudet University
202-559-5595 (Video Phone)
[email protected]

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