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Barry M. Strassler
Barry M. Strassler
Sport(s)/Category: Writer
Induction Year: 2012
Graduated/Last Year: 1966

Strassler is a walking encyclopedia of Gallaudet University athletics knowledge and a huge supporter and advocate for deaf news and deaf sports. Strassler was active as a student at Gallaudet from 1961-63, 64-66, as he served as the sports editor of the Buff and Blue and Tower Clock. The accounting major played men’s soccer in '62, club baseball in '65 and was the head football team manager in '65. He has made many contributions to Gallaudet athletics over the years as he once served, as the editor of the Bison Club newsletter, was chairperson for the Gallaudet Hall of Fame for 1995, '98, and edit and wrote the Gallaudet football centennial history book on the Bison program.