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Gallaudet Sports Information debuts QR code for Game Day Programs

Gallaudet Sports Information debuts QR code for Game Day Programs

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Fans attending Gallaudet University athletic games on campus will now be able to view team rosters, schedules, statistics, bio information, etc., through their smartphones as the Sports Information Office debuts Quick Response (QR) codes. Fans will now be able to scan a QR code with their smartphone, iPad or tablet to pull up the Game Day program on their personal mobile device. This effort is being made to help the Athletic Department “Go Green” and cut down on wasted paper, ink and resources used in the past to design, print and distribute game programs. According to, a leading news website for technology, the world's population was roughly 6.8 billion in 2010 and during the same timeframe there were 5 billion cellphone subscriptions.

“It is important for us to utilize mobile technology that is currently being used,” said Gallaudet Sports Information Director Sam Atkinson. “We have noticed over the past two years the large amount of printed game programs not being used and later recycled. Now we can send our fans to our website where we have set-up a Game Day Program area with links to the information they want. Plus, now we are not limited to the amount of information we can share, unlike printed programs, and we can rest assure the information is current and up-to-date.”

The Sports Information Office will display posters (like the one pictured to the right) at the venues of the game and at the front table for ticketed events. Now fans that can’t make Bison home games but can view a game online through Live Stats or Live Video can call up the Game Day Program page to get information on the team(s) the Bison are playing.The GU Sports Information Office will be using the same QR code all season for the home athletic games so there is no need to scan the QR codes each game. Your QR reader should store your history of web pages accessed through the QR scanner so you can bookmark the page or just call it up when you attend a Bison game.

What Is A QR Code?
QR Code stands for Quick Response code, it is a two-dimensional code (black and white square) designed to be read by smartphones and sends you to a URL (web address). Here is an example of a QR code, this is Gallaudet athletics’ Game Day program QR code.

Gallaudet athletics gameday program QR code

How To Use QR Codes
Most smartphones and tablets already have a QR reader loaded into your phone. If you not, you can download a FREE QR Reader App from your applications store. Then simply hold your phone or tablet camera over the QR code and let your phone scan the black and white square. It will then automatically take you to the link or ask you to open the page in a new browser. Once there you will see this:

Mobile screenshot of Gallaudet Game Day Programs

If your phone does not have built-in camera or doesn’t use applications but can log onto the internet then simply type in this web address to access our Game Day programs:

The GU Sports Information Office will continue to print a limited amount of programs for home tournaments and football games. The NCAA has been promoting Athletic Departments to "Go Green" over the course of the past few years. Legislation was introduced and passed last year about the elimination of printed recruiting materials from athletic departments.

If you have any questions please e-mail or seek out a Sports Information Office worker on game days before the game begins for help.