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Division III Week Student-Athlete Spotlight: In My Own Words by Xuan Lin

Division III Week Student-Athlete Spotlight: In My Own Words by Xuan Lin

WASHINGTON - Gallaudet University athletics is proud to participate in the sixth annual NCAA Division III Week (April 3-9) in an effort to celebrate the impact athletics and Bison student-athletes have on our campus and surrounding community. GU is joining 450 Division III institutions and 43 conferences in this week's celebration.

To help focus on the many student-athletes that represent Gallaudet athletics we will spotlight different student-athletes each day of the week. You will learn more about them as they express their feelings on what it is like to be a Division III student-athlete here at Gallaudet. Interviews were conducted by the Gallaudet Sports Information Office.

Senior Xuan Lin (Mount Prospect, Ill.) has been a part of the men's swimming and diving team for four seasons including the 2013-14 North Eastern Athletic Conference (NEAC) championship team. Lin is set to graduate this May with a degree in mathematics and a minor in information technology.

In My Own Words: Xuan Lin

Xuan Lin headshot What is it like to be a student-athlete in college?
XL: There are two separate lifestyles for student-athletes, school and sports. Student-athletes need to be focused not only on improving in their respected sport but also improving in the classroom as well.

What is it like to be a student-athlete at Gallaudet University?
XL: Gallaudet has a strong deaf community that is very diverse. I benefited from my student-athlete experience because I had access to communication as a student-athlete. I have gained a lot of knowledge from this experience that I can apply to other areas in my personal and professional life.

What are your goals after graduation, what do you hope to do in life?
XL: I don't have anything lined up for after graduation but I will be actively looking for a career. I'm really open to anything. It's important to me that I get some experience as quickly as possible. On the other hand, I plan on remaining active. I'll continue to swim for recreational purposes and try and spend a lot of time doing outdoor activities. 

Can you tell us about what this experience has been like for you and how being a member of the men's swimming and diving team has influenced and impacted your performance in the classroom?
XL: It has helped me the learn the importance of communication. Being on a team is like being in a class with a lot of people. We all want each other to do well so we make sure to check in with each other regularly to make sure we are all on the same page. For example, if someone misses class they will often ask their classmate to fill them in on what happened that day. This also happens on the swim team, so we work together to make sure we can all have success and I really applied this to my work in the classroom and in the future. Swimming also taught me how important it was to go to class. I learned that you have to go to swimming practice everyday to maintain your physical condition. The same thing applies to school. In order to achieve the greatest amount of success students need to attend class the same way they attend swimming practice.

Explain your experience placing second at the NEAC Championships. How did that impact your experience?
XL: It was a great experience for me as a senior. I am extremely satisfied with what we accomplished this year and what I have accomplished during my swimming career. I came in as a freshman (2013-14 season) and we won the championship that year. Then the next two years we were unable to contest for the championship. So it felt really good to finish near the top of the pack again [this season]. I really ended my career on a high note! I am extremely grateful for my teammates and for being a part of the team this year.

Division III Week Fact of the Day
Did you know 80 percent of Division III institutions are private

Division III Week Student-Athlete Spotlight: In My Own Words
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