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Gallaudet University student-athletes recognized at annual awards ceremony

Gallaudet Academic Top 10 Senior Scholars receive their awards.

WASHINGTON – The 2017-18 Gallaudet University athletics year officially came to a close on Tuesday, May 1, in the Field House gym as the GU athletics department held its annual awards ceremony. Student-athletes and team managers were supplied a catered dinner from Sloppy Mama's Barbeque that was served by Gallaudet's head coaches and athletic staff.

Bison student-athletes from 14 varsity teams were recognized before a capacity crowd. Women's basketball junior and softball student-athlete Hannah Neild (Litchfield, N.H.) and men's swimming and diving freshman Benjamin Sealts (Ottawa, Ohio) were named the Student-Athletes of the Year.

Gallaudet Director of Athletics Michael Weinstock served as the host of the ceremony for the final time as he retires this August. Weinstock and Senior Woman Administrator/Coordinator of Athletic Operations Anna Hall, who will retire in December, were celebrated for their years of service. Gallaudet President Roberta Cordano recognized Weinstock and Hall for their dedication to the University and length of service. Weinstock and Hall thanked the audience and shared some stories of their time at GU. It was announced that the Fan of the Year award will be renamed in honor of Weinstock starting in 2018-19.

Several special awards were handed out on the night. Dean of Student Affairs Dwight Benedict presented the Fan of the Year to Gallaudet staff member Barry White. Provost Carol Erting presented the Outstanding Faculty Member Award to Stacy Nowak. Weinstock honored GU men's basketball team manager Colton Crace with the Courageous Bison award.

In total, over 100 student-athletes were honored with team and department awards. Twenty-one seniors earned the Four-Year Athlete Award after participating all four years in GU athletics.

Weinstock concluded the ceremony by thanking all of the student-athletes for their hard work in the classroom and on the field of play this past season and he wished everyone a safe and fun summer.

Below is a list of all award winners. The winners and awards are listed in alphabetical order.


A senior athlete who holds a GPA of 3.5 or better, demonstrates positive leadership on and off the court/field and consistently exhibits good sportsmanship on and off the court/field

Sabina Shysh (Women's Basketball, Soccer, Softball, Track & Field)

Overcame a significant injury or obstacle and returned to competition

Jamie Cumberbatch (Football)
Sabina Shysh (Women's Basketball, Soccer, Softball, Track & Field)

Strong commitment to training in the off-season

Kelli Barnes (Women's Basketball)
Kevin Fitzpatrick (Men's Soccer)
Faye Frez-Albrecht (Women's Swimming)
Michael Haynes (Men's Cross Country, Track & Field)
Karita Lewis (Women's Volleyball)
Ronald Mattingly (Men's Cross Country, Track & Field)
Jenny Mendis (Softball)
Hailey Montoya (Women's Soccer)
Taylor Nguyen (Women's Cross Country)
Devonte Ramsey (Men's Basketball)
Jonathan Tikhonoff (Men's Swimming)
L.J. Watson (Football)

Stacy Nowak

Gallaudet faculty, staff member(s), or friends of the program that show great Bison spirit, attend athletic events

Barry White

A student-athlete who has participated all four years at Gallaudet, sport listed is sport played in 2017-18 season

David Bruno (Men's Swimming)
Andy Cruz (Men's Basketball)
Joell Dixon (Football)
Jake Grindstaff (Baseball)
Kyle Gumm (Baseball)
Dylan Hayes (Baseball)
Paul Kozak (Football manager)
Montray Roberts (Football)
Brandon Rouley (Football manager)
Devaron Scott (Football)
Toraneau Varice (Men's Cross Country, Track & Field)
Cody Young (Football)

Lawjen Ashmore (Women's Basketball)
Alyssa Barlow (Softball)
Faye Frez-Albrecht (Women's Swimming)
Kelsey Hudson (Women's Basketball, Softball)
Jasmine Jeter (Women's Volleyball)
Genesis Rodriguez (Softball)
Ivy Sahneyah (Women's Cross Country)
Raechelle Wolfert (Cheerleading)

First-year athlete that exceeds coaches’ expectations

Emelia Beldon (Women's Basketball)
Rodney Burford (Football)
Juan Cornejo (Men's Track & Field)
Courtney Hocog (Women's Track & Field)
Chance Hohneke (Men's Cross Country)
Karita Lewis (Women's Volleyball)
Sean O'Callaghan (Men's Soccer, Track & Field)
Benjamin Sealts (Men's Swimming)
Danielle Wheeler (Women's Soccer)

Top 10 Cumulative GPA - Seniors only - Listed In Order of GPA

Kristi Luna (Women's Cross Country)
Sabina Shysh (Women's Basketball, Soccer, Softball, Track & Field)
Katie Bigelow (Football, Women's Swimming)
Alyssa Barlow (Softball)
Ivy Sahneyah (Women's Cross Country)
Rochelle Carty-Bauman (Women's Swimming)
Yuan Tang (Men's Cross Country)
Satisha Thapa (Men's Soccer)
Connor Baer (Men's Soccer)
Devaron Scott (Football)

Top Team Managers and Student Assistants

Carina Dominquez Can (Women's Basketball)
Colton Crace (Men's Basketball)
Brooke Courter (Women's Volleyball)
Jomar Figueroa (Men's Basketball)
Jeremy Franz (Softball)
Paul Kozak (Football)
Teddy Jappah (Men's Soccer)
Kayla Marie (Cheerleading)
Wilhemina Robinson (Women's Basketball)
Brandon Rouley (Football)

Hannan Neild (Women's Basketball, Softball)
Benjamin Sealts (Men's Swimming & Diving)

Matthew Cracraft (Football)
Jamal Garner (Men's Basketball, Football, Track & Field)
Gunner Hahn (Men's Cross Country, Track & Field)
Michael Haynes (Men's Cross Country, Track & Field)
Courtney Hocog (Women's Track & Field)
Silvya Levesque (Women's Soccer)
Elan Markel (Men's Soccer)
Taylor Nguyen (Women's Cross Country)

2017-18 Gallaudet University Team Awards

Baseball       Most Outstanding Player       Kyle Gumm
        Most Improved       Robersy Delgado
        Coaches' Award       Winston Lane
Men's Basketball       Most Outstanding Player       Andy Cruz
        Most Improved       Cody Crace, Trace Martin
Women's Basketball       Most Outstanding Player       Hannah Neild
        Most Improved       Shakeedra Hubbard
        Coaches' Award       Kelli Barnes
Men's Cross Country       Most Outstanding Runner       Chance Hohneke
        Most Improved       Ronald Mattingly
        Coaches' Award       Kai Christenberry
Women's Cross Country       Most Outstanding Runner       Kristi Luna
        Most Improved       Jessalyn Wortham, Karina Mitchell
        Coaches' Award       Ivy Sahneyah
Football       Most Outstanding Player       Louie Akuffo
        Most Improved       Kenneth Peters
        Coaches' Award       Joell Dixon
Men's Soccer       Most Outstanding Player       Sean Huber
        Most Improved       Elan Markel
        Coaches' Award       Kevin Fitzpatrick, Connor Baer
Women's Soccer       Most Outstanding Player       Silvya Levesque
        Most Improved       Neha Balachandran
        Coaches' Award       Abby Courtemanche
Softball       Most Outstanding Player       Hannah Neild
        Most Improved       Kelsey Hudson
        Coaches' Award       Jacklyn Zacarias
Men's Swimming       Most Outstanding Swimmer       Benjamin Sealts
        Most Improved Swimmer       Rett Jala
        Coaches' Award       Jonathan Tikhonoff
Women's Swimming       Most Outstanding Swimmers       Jackie Perkins
        Most Improved Swimmer       Kelsey Prickett
        Coaches' Award       Jessica Monroe
Men's Track and Field       Most Outstanding Athlete       Gunner Hahn
        Most Improved       Dante Washington
        Coaches' Award       Jamari Porter
Women's Track and Field       Most Improved       Lynicia Maynard
        Coaches' Award       Carina Dominguez Can
Women's Volleyball       Most Outstanding Player       Darriyan Thomas
        Most Improved       Brynn Schmidt

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