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Gallaudet basketball programs help to clean-up the community

Members of the Gallaudet men's and women's basketball teams stand together after collecting trash in the community. Dozen of trash bags in front of them as they stand together and look towards the camera and smile.

WASHINGTON - The Gallaudet University men's and women's basketball programs joined forces and went out into the community on Sunday, Sept. 17, to do a trash clean-up day.

The teams broke up into different groups and went in different directions around the Gallaudet campus. The men's and women's student-athletes worked together to gather over 40 bags of trash in an hour's time. The teams combined to log nearly 40 volunteer hours.

"Our motivation was, if you don't like something, do something about it. We saw litter around our community and we didn't like it. So, we decided to team up and clean up our neighborhood," said Gallaudet men's basketball coach Kevin Kovacs. "We did this for an hour and came up with 43 trash bags. It was a lesson for all of us that we can make a change in any amount of time. Plus, it showed that a group effort can work faster and be more productive than one person."

GU Men's and Women's Basketball Volunteers

Men's Team         Women's Team
Darius Cooper         Tiffany Anderson
Cody Crace         Lawjen Ashmore
Andy Cruz         Juliana Bahan
Shawn Daniels         Kelli Barnes
Jomar Figueroa         Brooke Bonheyo
Jamal Garner         Jarita Bustamante
Jawaun Jackson         Mikayla Dodane
Derek Keels         Brittany Dzugas-Smith
Preston Kelly         Michaela Evans
Michael Marshall         Courtney Hocog
Trace Martin         Kelsey Hudson
John Perry & Demarcus Perry (son)         Kori Koss
Devonte Ramsey         Wilhemina Robinson
Matt Sherman         Tawnecia Rush
Dylan Sicoli         Jakkisha Smith
Wilford Troup         Yara Vasquez-Aldama
Noah Valencia          
Lance Wood          
Esau Zornoza          

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