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Gallaudet University Athletic Social Media ranked No. 1 in NCAA Division III for a fourth straight year 2017-18 final rankings. Gallaudet ranked #1 overall and Instagram and #2 for Facebook

WASHINGTON – The Gallaudet University Athletic Social Media platforms, operated by the Sports Information Office, finished the 2017-18 school year ranked No. 1 in NCAA Division III out of 439 schools, for a fourth consecutive year, according to

The Bison lead the country with a Social Media Index rating of 23.6691 as of June 3. GU is 10.7015 percentage points ahead of University of Mount Union (12.9676), who is in second place. No other school is in double digits or leads by more than two percentage points. GU has quadrupled its index lead over Mount Union in three years, from 2.7 to 10.7 percentage points. The index is calculated based on total likes/followers per University enrollment. Penalties are applied for not having all three accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and not having the same username on all accounts. All of Gallaudet’s accounts can be found @GallaudetBison and the official hashtag is #GUBison.

Gallaudet is No. 1 in Instagram with 8,720 followers and No. 2 in Facebook with 10,599 likes. The Bison twitter account checks in at No. 38 (4,597 followers). GU has held the top spot in the Social Media Index and Instagram rankings for the entire school year. The Bison rankings in Index, Instagram and Facebook are unchanged from last year. GU added 1,131 followers on Instagram, 1,089 Facebook likes and 499 Twitter followers since the end of May 2017.

The @GallaudetBison social media platforms currently have 23,916 likes/followers, an increase of 12.82 percent from last year (+2,719 likes/followers).

"Fans and supporters of Gallaudet athletics should be proud of what we have built here with our social media platforms. To be ranked No. 1 overall in Division III Social Media for a fourth straight year is a testimony to the support we receive nationally and internationally," said Gallaudet Associate Athletic Director for Communications Sam Atkinson. "We couldn't do it without the support of our fans and supporters. This past year, for example, demonstrated what can happen when our entire online community comes together as we won the first Helmet Bowl I championship thanks to online voting and promotion through social media. We will continue to build up the strength of our social media platforms and hope our fans will continue to interact, like, share and engage with us online."

Atkinson went on to mention how close the Gallaudet athletics Facebook page is to the No. 1 spot and hopes to see Gallaudet in the top position at some point during the 2018-19 school year.

The NCAA Division III Social Media Leaderbooard tracks and ranks Division III athletic departments and conference social media efforts. The leaderboard debuted in August 2014 and is operated by Christopher Sabato, creative project specialist at Willamette (Ore.) University. The rankings are updated weekly during the school year and monthly in the summer. The website also offers D1, D2 and NAIA Leaderboard pages.

North Eastern Athletic Conference (NEAC) foe Bryn Athyn College joins Gallaudet in the Top 20 of the Social Media Index at No. 12 (9.2821).

When the NCAA Division III Social Media Leaderbooard debuted the Bison had a 9.1317 Social Media Index rating and sat in the top spot. GU had 4,577 Facebook likes, 2,257 Twitter followers and 1,745 Instagram followers in August 12, 2014.


Note: In your Instagram or Twitter posts please use our official hashtag #GUBison and feel free to tag @GallaudetBison

Rankings as of June 3, 2018