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Division III Student-Athlete Spotlight: In My Own Words by Shawn Daniels

D3 Week Graphic - Shawn Daniels (Men's Basketball)

WASHINGTON – Gallaudet University athletics is proud to participate in the eighth annual NCAA Division III Week (April 1-7) in an effort to celebrate the impact athletics and Bison student-athletes have on our campus and the surrounding community. GU is joining nearly 450 Division III institutions and 43 conferences in this week’s celebration.

To help focus on the many student-athletes that represent Gallaudet athletics we will spotlight two different student-athlete each day this week. You will learn more about them as they express their feelings on what it is like to be a Division III student-athlete here at Gallaudet. Interviews were conducted by the Gallaudet Sports Information Office.

SophomoreShawn Daniels (Lakeland, Fla.) finished his second year on the Gallaudet men's basketball team. Daniels, a physical education and recreation major, is on track to graduate in 2021.

In My Own Words: Shawn Daniels 

What is it like to be a student-athlete in college?
SD: Being a student-athlete in college takes a lot of dedication and hard work. As a student-athlete, I must be committed to academics and athletics. I also have to be responsible for my own actions relating to school, sports and other aspects of life.

What is it like to be a student-athlete at Gallaudet University?
SD: A student-athlete must be committed to academics and athletics. I have to stay organized so I can complete assignments or go to practice. My goals so far have been to get a GPA of 3.5 or above and to improve my basketball skills. In order to achieve my goals, I have had to do all of my homework and study for tests as well as attend my basketball team workouts, practices and meetings. I have had other responsibilities such as volunteering in the Gallaudet community and part-time jobs. In this case, I have to make sure I managed my time well in order to keep everything organized.

What are your goals after graduation, what do you hope to do in life?
SD: After graduation, I plan to work as physical education teacher and basketball coach for a few years to gain some fundamental experience in the deaf community. After that, I would love to set up my own business related athletic fitness near a deaf community where I can offer a variety of programs to help people with health concerns and/or with goals to improve their bodies. Later down the road, I hope to travel around the world to see many beautiful countries.

What was the most positive moment you had during your season?
SD: The most positive moment I had this season was at the Lancaster Bible College game where we beat them by two points. They were first in our conference and as a team we wanted to prove that we could beat them. We played hard and beat them! We were all happy about the win because we knew we can do it.

Division III Week Fact of the Day
Did you know the average total operating expenses per Division III institution with football is $4,265,000 and without football $2,696,000.

Division III Week Student-Athlete Spotlight: In My Words
Saturday: Shawn Daniels (Men's Basketball) | Jessica Monroe (Women’s Swimming)
Friday: Sean O’Callaghan (Men's Soccer) | Carina Dominguez Can (Women's Track)
Thursday: Joesph Mendis (Football) | Sharon Castillo (Women’s Soccer)
Wednesday: Kai Christenberry (Men's Track) | Elizabeth Stern (Softball)
Tuesday: Cameron Upton (Baseball) | Taylor Nguyen (Women's Cross Country)
Monday: Rett Jala (Men’s Swimming) | Juliana Bahan (Women's Basketball)

About Division III Week
Division III Week is a positive opportunity for all individuals associated with Division III to observe and celebrate the impact of athletics and of student-athletes on the campus and surrounding community. During the week, every Division III school and conference office is encouraged to conduct a type of outreach activity that falls into one of three categories: academic accomplishment; athletic experience; or leadership/community service/campus involvement. For more information log onto

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