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Hotchkiss Field receives turf makeover just in time for fall season

Hotchkiss Field - New Turf Field

WASHINGTON – New turf was installed at Hotchkiss Field during the month of June by FieldTurf to replace the older turf surface that Bison athletics had been using for the past decade.

"We are excited with the new turf surface we have now,” said Gallaudet Athletic Director Michael Weinstock. “We were in need of new turf heading into the 2018-19 school year. This new surface is safer, offers better footing and uses newer technology by FieldTurf to provide a first-class experience for our student-athletes at Gallaudet.”

The design of Hotchkiss Field remains the same except for a few minor tweaks. A deep and richer navy-blue color is now on the surface along with a bolder buff color for the GU Bison logo at midfield and the word “BISON” in each end zone. There is a new coaches box, defined by a navy-blue rectangle, on each sideline along with a team area designation space.

Gallaudet installed the new FieldTurf Classic HD system onto Hotchkiss Field. The Classic HD field will cover nearly 90,000 square feet. Hotchkiss Field is home to the Gallaudet football, men’s soccer and women’s soccer teams.

Classic HD uses slit-film yarn that completes a nice balance between feel and durability. FieldTurf makes individual fibers by using a mix of high-end polymer and UV stabilizers to withstand the summer heat and impact by people using the surface. The thick design of the Classic HD system reduces “splash,” when granules from the infill system bounce up upon impact.

The Classic HD is the same system installed at high profile venues like Ford Field, Ohio State University and over 500 NCAA and elite high school facilities nationwide and around the world.

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