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Bison student-athletes ready to 'Jock the Vote' and register voters

Gallaudet Votes graphic. Voter registration booth at marketplace on Wednesday, Oct. 24, from noon-1 p.m.

WASHINGTON - Gallaudet University's Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is ready to "Jock the Vote" for the 2018 United States midterm elections.

Jock the Vote aims to spread awareness about the importance of voting and to register as many college students, staff and faculty as possible, who aren't already registered to vote. This is a nonpartisan project to educate the Gallaudet community about the power of the vote and increase political participation of students, staff and faculty.

"Why vote? Every vote counts. You can make a difference in our country by voting," said Gallaudet SAAC President Sabina Shysh. "It is very important to vote because we have a right to choose someone to serve and represent us in our country. An election might be decided by a single vote and history would be changed because a person got or lost that one vote. Respect your right to vote! It's a privilege that many people in the world don't have."

There are several ways to get involved, sign-up and learn.

A special "Why Vote?" presentation will take place at the JSAC G-Area on Wednesday, Oct. 17, from noon-1 p.m. There will be several guest presenters and a special premier of the SAAC Jock The Vote video.

Gallaudet's SAAC will set-up a voter registration booth in the Marketplace on Wednesday, Oct. 24, from noon-1 p.m.

"Jock the Vote is a shining example of SAAC's commitment to shattering the myth that student-athletes at Gallaudet University are insular jocks who don't care about the world out there," said Gallaudet Faculty Athletics Representative Dr. Brendan Stern. "Rather, they are curious and active contributors in our shared world who want to bring attention to the fact that making our voice heard is possible. Neither pollsters nor politicians nor parties determine who wins elections. Voters do. No matter our communities or languages, every citizen over the age of 18 has the same power to make a difference."

You can also register here: Plus, spread the vote through social media with the hashtag #GallyVotes.

"I'm really excited that we, student athlete advisory committee, are part of the Gallaudet Vote project and we want to encourage everyone to vote and it'll take you few minutes to vote," said Shysh. "Let's jock the vote!"

These events are sponsored by American Association of People with Disabilities, Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, Campus Activities, and Department of Government and Public Affairs.

"The SAAC in partnership with our FAR, Dr. Brendan Stern, is promoting political power within our community. Instead of sitting on the sidelines, it is our time to come together as a community and Jock the Vote!  Please join us and register to vote," said Gallaudet SAAC Advisor Dr. Liza Offreda.

If you have further questions please contact Dr. Stern at

About Jock The Vote
The movement was founded by Northeastern University student-athlete Heather Mottau in the fall of 2014. Mottau had a summer internship with Student Public Interest Research Group (PIRG) - which is America's oldest and largest nonpartisan youth voter mobilization program. Mottau brought the idea to the Northeastern campus and recruited fellow student-athletes, through SAAC, to help sign-up NU students to become registered to vote.