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Donate to Gallaudet's football fundraiser for a new drum

Gallaudet's football coach Josh Hanna bangs on the Bison drum with a big mallet.

WASHINGTON - The Gallaudet University football program needs your help to purchase a new drum for the 2018 season after retiring the 35-year-old drum last season. The Bison are asking alumni, family, friends and supporters of Bison football and Gallaudet athletics and the University to make a donation on its Snap Raise website page. GU is close to its goal and only one week is left to make a tax-deductible donation. Any donation you are able to make is much appreciated. The funds will go towards a new drum, plus enhancements to the Bison football locker room.


History of the Gallaudet Drum: The drum was introduced to the Bison football program in the middle of the 1970 season. Dr. Orin Cornett came up with the concept of using a drum on the sideline and shared it with Coach Bob Colbert, who endorsed it. The drum was put into use the final three games of the season. GU went on to win two of the final three games. The players liked the drum as it helped the linemen get off the line of scrimmage on time and it cut down penalties on the Bison. Since then the drum has been a source of pride and tradition for Gallaudet football teams.

If you have further questions about this Gallaudet football fundraiser please contact Bison head coach Chuck Goldstein at [email protected].

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