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The latest national media stories on the Gallaudet women’s basketball team

The latest national media stories on the Gallaudet women’s basketball team

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Gallaudet University's women's basketball team continues to garner national attention, as one of only five remaining unbeaten teams in Division III women's basketball. In the past week, several noted media outlets have featured the team including and the Syracuse Post-Standard among them.

On February 2, Channel One News posted a YouTube video titled "Gallaudet's B-Ball Comeback." The 1:44 piece profiles the GU team and their rousing 51-48 comeback victory over North Eastern Athletic Conference (NEAC) foe SUNYIT on January 23. Channel One News, the leading television news network for teens nationwide since 1990. You can view the video here - - and read the transcript below.

Two days later, the Syracuse Post-Standard published an article on the team's continued success, including the Bison's seven-point win at Morrisville State College on January 30. It was the first time this season the team has received media attention on the road. You can read the story here:

On February 5, the Buff and Blue was featured in an article detailing the team's fast start to the season. The piece – which headlined the Division III women's basketball section – focused on the "winning culture" of the women's basketball team. You can read the story here:

Channel One YouTube Video Transcript

Gallaudet's B-Ball Comeback

Female Reporter Voiceover: With time running out and Gallaudet University still behind, Head Coach Kevin Cook knew his team would get the win.

Team Huddle Coach Kevin Cook: "We know what we are doing."

Female Reporter Voiceover: And they did picking up their 16th straight win and continuing their undefeated season, but overcoming a late game deficit is hardly a challenge for this squad who experiences the game like this (silence). That's because all of these players are either deaf or hard of hearing but their coach says it's their will to win and not their disability that makes them special.

Cook: When we face any adversity they just find a way."

Female Reporter Voiceover: And it's not just the team. Coach Cook suffers from Parkinson's disorder that causes the coach to shake. When games get tight and tense, the coach's left hand prevents him from calling plays in sign language something that costs the team points but doesn't slow them down one bit.

Nukeitra Hayes: "It doesn't bother us at all. He is just a coach that knows his stuff and we respect that."

Female Reporter Voiceover: And this team is used to being underestimated until they get on the court.

Easter Faafiti: "Sometimes I get really upset, but you know what I don't need to talk to you I can just show you on the basketball floor."

Female Reporter Voiceover: And they've shown they aren't bothered by their so called disadvantages.

Cook: "I tell our group, yeah you know it's not fair. It's not fair that you are deaf. It's not fair that you are hard of hearing. I don't think it's fair that I have Parkinson's, but this is life guys and we are going to fight everything and we are going fight everything together."

Female Reporter Voiceover: And as the Bison march on to the next game and maybe 17th win, the cheers are only getting louder.

Team Huddle: "1…2…3…team!"