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GU's Meghan Maiwald completes NCAA Women's Coaches Academy in Denver

Gallaudet women's soccer assistant coach Meghan Maiwald participated in Alliance of Women Coaches Academy in June 2018. She stands by banner with her plaque.

DENVER - Gallaudet University women's soccer assistant coach Meghan Maiwald became the first deaf woman graduate of the NCAA Women's Coaches Academy when she completed the course here this past week.

The NCAA Women Coaches Academy, hosted in partnership between the Alliance of Women Coaches and the NCAA, is a four-day educational training available to NCAA coaches of all experience levels, and is designed for women coaches who are ready to increase their individual effectiveness by learning advanced skills and strategies that directly affect their personal and team success. This is the 45th NCAA Women Coaches Academy class.

"The NCAA Women's Coaches Academy, hosted by the Alliance of Women Coaches (AWC), has given me the opportunity to build my professional skills, create inspired networks and connections with 48 other women coaches throughout the United States, and added depth to my understanding of the intricacies of coaching," said Maiwald. "I am honored to be the first deaf woman coach graduate and grateful for the support from the Gallaudet Athletic Department."